Fee Structure and Methods of Payment

Wow...there are a lot of ways to become a member of Carlow LTC, in fact there is 15 in all between Senior, Juniour, Family, Combined and individual sports. But why..why if you join a club should you not join all the club an not just a part of it. That was the feed back from the survey and so we are pleased to announce that we have looked at this and have come up with a fee structure that allows for exactly that.

Now when you join Carlow LTC you join all of Carlow LTC. Imagine, it's wet, cold and miserable (typical Summer Day in other words) wouldn't it be great to be able to come in and have a game of Badminton instead, or if both Badminton courts are in use then you can have a game of Squash or Tennis. But that's not all, you get a lot more, you can join in Club night as a member in all sports, you can take part in all sports competitions as a member...previously this cost you additional...today you get it all as part of you membership.

Below is the Fee Structure for 2012/13:

Old Membership Types 


 New Membership Types

New Price 

 Country Membership  €100  Country Membership  €100
 Family Membership  €300  Family Membership (all sports)  €350
 Family Membership 1st Year  €240  Single Membership (all sports)  €220
 Junior Combined  €100  Junior Over 12 (all sports)  €100
 Under 12's Only  €35  Junior Under 12 (all sports)  €35
 Pavillion  €40  Pavillion  €40
 Single -Tennis  €240    
 Single - Squash  €190    
 Single - Badminton  €160    
 Single Combined  €300    
 Student - Tennis  €100    
 Student - Squash  €100    
 Student - Badminton  €100    
 Student Combined  €100    

Now see what this means in combination to the eliminating the court fees...they go hand in hand, in order to achieve the savings we have eliminated the court fees, adjusted the fee structure and introduced a number of payment methods.

Your club, Your way, proud to be a member


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